If anything defines me, it is my love of color. I am crazy for colors of all sorts, be they rich or dull, saturated or faded, deeply dark or pale and barely there. My favorite color, oddly enough, is grey.

I like things which are old and perhaps a bit shabby, But I also am drawn to that which is shiny and brutally modern. 

I love my family: husband Doug and adult daughter Adeline. Also my cats: Charlie, Puddle, Henry and Lily and all the ones who came before them.

I like good food, all things Japanese, and my lovely rural town of Redding, CT. 

I often have a hard time making choices, except when it comes to ice cream which is alwayschocolate. 

I love making things and often get lost in my work, oblivious to the world around me.  It is a form of meditation and it keeps me centered.

art makes me happy

photo :: adeline crites-moore