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We had quite a wet summer here in Connecticut. My yard became a fungus factory … a mushroom manufacturer … a mold maker. Do you like my awesome attempts at alliteration? Ha! Take that, Miss Ross … my seventh grade English teacher who questioned whether I had independently authored my poetry assignment … this, because I had rhymed troll with droll.


This is my daughter, age 30, on the left, and me when I was age 30 (or maybe 31 or 32). Isn’t it wonderful/bizarre how much we look alike? (Both photos by Doug Crites-Moore.)

It’s finally cold here. I always have a bit of a contest with myself, to see how long I can hold out before turning on the heat - usually it’s a struggle toward the end of September and I often don’t make it all the way to October 1. This year, it’s been warm and muggy for the first two weeks of the month and I just got around to turning on the heat on October 16. I’m sure it is related to climate change. Those poor people in Florida ... what do you do when suddenly everything is gone? There’s no electricity, the streets are a mess of rubble, the market shelves are picked clean, and you don’t even have a shelter to huddle in because it’s been destroyed as well. There is horrible, horrible suffering going on all over the world. Sorry, not my intention to drag you down a despairing spiral of woe. But before I drop the topic altogether, I’d like to recommend a book: Eaarth, by Bill McKibbon.


Flickr Findings

Years ago, I would post collections of interesting photos I found on Flickr. I called it Flickr Friday. Recently, I was doing some house cleaning in my computer files and I came across the collections. They are as appealing as ever, so I think I will publish them all over again. This time around, I’m calling it Flickr Findings … because I don’t want to pay attention to what day I publish them. And when I’ve run out of old collections, I’ll create new ones.


Are we done yet?

big snow

Snow started in the wee hours of Wednesday and didn’t stop until the wee hours of Thursday. Nearly two feet of snow ... power outages, trees down, electrical wires down, roads closed ... enough! I’d like to think we’re done, but the forecast calls for more tomorrow and/or Tuesday. 

It’s a good time to play ... sorting through papers, grouping them (loosely) by color. I do like color.

blue squiggle line



All is good

NUTMEG & CLOTTED CREAM :: 2017 :: 6.25" x 6.25"


All is good

MRI results came back clean. Yay!

Thanksgiving was lovely. It was Doug & me; Adeline; her boyfriend, Bill; Bill’s parents, his brother, and brother’s girlfriend. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Boyfriend Bill became Fiancé Bill! Wowie & Double YAY!

And I’ve finally finished this sweet textile which I started so long ago. 

I'm feeling pretty lucky. 

"There’s a smile on my face for the whole human race." -Alan Jay Lerner

 cut paper art by Doug Crites-Moore

cut paper art by Doug Crites-Moore