All is good

NUTMEG & CLOTTED CREAM :: 2017 :: 6.25" x 6.25"


All is good

MRI results came back clean. Yay!

Thanksgiving was lovely. It was Doug & me; Adeline; her boyfriend, Bill; Bill’s parents, his brother, and brother’s girlfriend. 

The day after Thanksgiving, Boyfriend Bill became Fiancé Bill! Wowie & Double YAY!

And I’ve finally finished this sweet textile which I started so long ago. 

I'm feeling pretty lucky. 

"There’s a smile on my face for the whole human race." -Alan Jay Lerner

cut paper art by Doug Crites-Moore

cut paper art by Doug Crites-Moore




Saturday was an MRI day ... 45 minutes of lying in the tube, listening to the clickety-clacks ... drifting off to ponder things I usually don't


make time to think about ... all rather pleasant and relaxing except for the fact of why I was there at all ... to make a map of my cranial contents and compare it, I suppose, to the last map that was made, not so long ago.

Looking to see if any peripatetic cancer cells have traveled to my brain, as lung cancer cells are often inclined to do.

I don't like to think about it. It's too terrifying.

I hope, hope, hope for a good report. Please, hope along with me. There's power in that.

jump in the ocean
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Artists & Makers

One of the places I like to visit for viewing art online is Artists & Makers Studios. I'm not sure, but I may have totally neglected to tell you that I was invited to join their Artists Beyond Our Doors sectionwhich means there is a page at the website for me. I am flattered to be included in this group of wonderful artists and makers. Here is a little peek at my page (you can "click" on it, to see the full page):


I'm pretty sure you (or, at least most of you) will agree: the most amazing artist and maker of all is Mother Nature. Here is our Redbud Tree, loaded with blossoms which won't be around for long - but they sure are glorious while they last. Just stunning. I'm so glad Adeline and Bill coaxed me out of the house, to enjoy the beauty which is around, and to benefit from the healing that comes with being close with nature.


Another kind of art which I really, really love, is music. A friend telephoned about a year ago and urged me to listen to this amazing cover of Simon & Garfunkel's The Sound of Silence. Mind you, I had never heard of David Draiman (the singer), or of Disturbed (his heavy metal band); nor have I ever warmed up to Conan (the man and his show where this performance gained so many fans as well as garnering Disturbed a Grammy nomination); and I was never a fan of Simon and Garfunkel although, having been born in 1950, I was at a proper age to be a fan when they were so wildly popular in the late sixties.

I trusted my friend's advice so I went online and partook of the now famous performance by the man with all that metal hanging off of his face. And, Wow. Really, Wow! I was knocked out. I kept playing it, over and over and over. I fell in fan-love with David Draiman, although I don't think Heavy Metal will ever cause my heart to skip a beat. And the lyrics! Oh my, I never paid attention to the lyrics until hearing this rendition. They are beautiful and sad, provoking the kinds of thoughts which make my heart ache. The performance is also not just about the music; it is visually thrilling as well. I could go on and on about this but I'll simply offer it here, instead, with the hope that some of you will take the time to watch and listen to the entire performance because it needs and deserves that for it to be fully appreciated. 

If you would leave me your thoughts about this performance, I'd love it.

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And a little cancer anecdote:

I was writing to someone recently about how cancer made me happy, something I hope to properly describe and share with you in the not too distant future. Auto-correct changed happy to happen, and I thought, Yes! That too!