Bye Bye 2009

Welcome to 2010

What can I say about 2009? It wasn't the best year. I lost some weight, that's good. I also, like many, lost some money; not so good. I was happy to reconnect with long lost friends, thanks to Facebook. Also thanks to Facebook, I made many new cyber friends, and they (you know who you are) have been a pleasure to communicate with, about things both silly and serious.  In 2009, the depression which has gripped me for so long did finally loosen its hold. What a relief. What a pleasure it's been to rediscover things like reading, sewing, and spending time with friends ... in fact, to reacquaint myself with the simple pleasure of getting out of bed in the morning. It was a year when I may have spent too much time on the computer - but what a wonderful time it was, exploring just a fraction of what the interweb, as Craig Ferguson calls it, has to offer. Between Facebook, Flickr, Etsy, and blogs, I have become cyber-acquainted with such an impressive group of artists, musicians, thinkers and doers; it's deeply inspiring and I appreciate that very much. I discovered a real interest in making jewelry this year. Now I face a delicious daily dilemma: shall I spend the day with metals and jewels or with threads and textiles? And will I someday figure out a way to unite the two interests? I imagine I'll find out the answer to that next year.

Maybe 2009 hasn't been so bad after all. But I think the best thing I can say about it is that it is leading up to 2010. Now there's a year I am looking forward to. Knock wood. :-)

More on the Mennonite Quilt

I've had a few questions about the Mennonite quilt, so here are two more views. The dots are original to the quilt; I've included here a close-up so you can better see how they are made. And I'm including a picture of the entire quilt, just for fun. I should have moved the rocker (complete with dead balloons from last week's birthday party) before I took the picture ... sorry, I'm too lazy to go back and redo it. :)

First Snow .....

"Forest and field are covered with snow."
I'm counting on Eva to make corrections to incorrect translations.  :-)

We've had our first snow and it was fairly impressive. All the schools were closed today. But we are nowhere near sledding snow yet. I hate it that my daughter has to drive to work in the very early morning hours, on these hilly, curvy, and possibly icy roads. Snow Day used to mean fun. Now it means worry. But I'm trying, really trying, not to be an overbearing worrywart Mom. It's not easy. I'm so good at imagining the worst, and deluding myself that if I worry about something hard enough, then it won't happen! It seems that ever since my daughter was born, I have been learning the lesson that I can't live her life for her, and I can't protect her from the world. Motherhood sometimes seems like a continuous, never-ending process of learning to let go. But it's pretty wonderful, isn't it? Every time you let go, it's because your child has developed a new skill of their own. So, maybe I don't get to hold her hand forever, but I think I'll always be blessed by being held in her heart. I imagine it goes without saying that she will always be held in mine. ♥

Funny, I thought this post was going to be about snow. :)