Star Birds

When I started making things from felted wool (which I process from recycled sweaters and blankets), about 12 or so years ago, I made lots and lots of bags. I don't have many good photos of them - it was pre-digital camera time for me. I do have some nice shots of this more recent bag I made - with my favorite motifs of birds and stars. This was a custom order, made for someone whose last name actually is Starbird. How's that for a perfect coincidence? I had a lot of fun making this bag. I hope you enjoy it too. Above is what I think of as the front of the bag and to the right (below) is the back. It is made entirely from my felted wool and hand stitched with wool tapestry thread. The drawstrings are also from wool yarn, which I first knit into a cylindrical cord, and then felt along with the sweaters. Speaking of Star Birds, you just must go see Einstein, The Amazing Talking Parrot. He's a kick, and he's pretty much guaranteed to put a smile on your face.