An embarrasment of riches!

A lovely surprise this morning, and a first for me. In my e-mail, a note from jaihn at truly spacious telling me she was bestowing the Sweet home blogger award upon me and my blog. This award is for sharing beauty, love and joy. Wow! Such an honor, and coming from someone whose work I value so much. I love what jaihn does with textiles, and she's multi-talented so she shares her wonderful drawings too. Thank you, jaihn!

The title of this post is because I also received this award today from Rayela at Fiber Focus! I love Rayela's blog. It has a wonderful international perspective and she really takes the time to explore her subjects. I've learned a lot from her and I am so honored she chose to bestow the award on my blog! Thank you, Rayela!

Now it is my pleasure to pass this award along to five people whose blogs inspire me. Here they are:

Thank you all!