How will I ever get organized?

Adeline and I are trading rooms. I am moving out of two rooms - my office and my studio - into her one room, which is large, with good light, and has excellent 'OM' as we like to call it. At the moment, my new studio/office is a huge mishmash of boxes and STUFF. In fact, it is really difficult to get organized and put things where they belong because it is nearly impossible to walk around. Adeline has already turned my old studio into her bedroom, even though I've left a few things behind that still need to be moved. Like one of my bulletin boards and one of my vintage quilts. And, what about my wonderful wall of wool threads? It seems to have become Nola's climbing wall. Nola, as I'm sure you can figure out, is the cat. And I need my regular spools of thread, too. They are now sharing a wall with Adeline's dolls. You know, no matter how old you are, there are just certain dolls that stay with you. I still have my teddy bear from when I was about one-year-old. My old office is now Adeline's den/TV room. It is also in pretty good shape. In fact, it is being used right now by Adeline and some of her friends. They are listening to music and generally having a good time. Nice. My new office/studio, however, is a nightmare of boxes and piles of STUFF. How am I ever going to get everything where it belongs? Photos, top to bottom: Nola, climbing the wall of threads, the mess that is facing me now, the quilt I left behind.