Remembering a jacket

The best part of moving my studio has been going through boxes. I'll never get organized because I keep stopping to have memory-dreams. Today I came across a little jacket I made for Adeline in 1998 - she was ten years old. I made it by combining parts of different sweaters. Of course, first I turned the sweaters into wool felt, by shrinking them in the washer. I wish I could find a picture of her wearing it. Emma chewed off part of the bottom. Bad Emma! She was always chewing wool. Now that she's no longer with us, I can relax about leaving my studio door open. But she was sweet, and we miss her. The ten-year-old is long gone, but it's nice to have the jacket to reminisce with. And Adeline enjoys these finds as much as I do. Two sentimental fools are we, enjoying our personal history - sounds like a Gilbert & Sullivan lyric!