It's spring, thankfully. I'll take this opportunity to share some felted wool Forget-Me-Nots. They are all made from my typical fiber of choice - felted wool made by repeatedly washing, and shrinking, wool sweaters. Stitched with Persian wool thread and adorned with vintage and antique buttons.

Forget-Me-Nots Nine-Patch 2002, 13" x 13" plus framing (frame not shown)

This one is more colorful than the others, even though the background squares are grey. The tweedy ones are from a coat that belonged to my mother. This piece was purchased by someone whose house ended up being featured in a magazine. I was so excited to see if it would show up in one of the photos. Well, it did. If you look real close, and if you know exactly what you're looking for, and if you use a magnifying glass, you will see a part of it, behind a lamp, at the edge of the picture.


Pinkeep, about 2.5" across

I love making pinkeeps - this one unfolds into two attached wool circles for keeping pins and needles. I just had to "steal" one of the forget-me-not circles to make it into a pinkeep.

Forget-Me-Nots 2004, 20.5" x 23.5" (27" x 29.5" framed).

I worked on this one for years. It went through many changes before I felt satisfied with it. In addition to wool from sweaters, this one also contains some felt that my daughter and I made from fleece (the yellow pieces). Lots of the blues are from an old blanket, given to me by a friend. The blanket had originally been a paper-maker's felt, used in his grandfather's business. When it wore out, it was cut down and made into blankets which were used by the family. I am particularly pleased with the colors in the background squares and the way they change. There is a nice flow to it, which I worked very hard to achieve.