A Most Interesting and Gorgeous Fiber Art

BURGEON by Makiko Wakisaka
20cm x 20cm x 20cm

Makiko Wakisaka makes the most extraordinary sculptural objects from plant fibers; specifically, leaves and leaf veins. She hand stitches them together to make beautiful designs. They are like clouds. It is as if she has managed to paint water colors onto wisps of air. I would love to see one of her creations in person and I assume someday I will. Her work has been shown internationally, it just hasn't found it's way to the USA yet. It will, and when it does, I hope it comes to NYC. Meanwhile I will have to be content with viewing her online photos. Once again, I am so glad there is such a thing as the www. Yes, I spend too much time here, and it removes me from "real" life with human-to-human contact. But the things I discover online ..... sometimes they are just magnificent. It's like wandering through The Museum of Everything.

You can see more of Makiko's work at Artbreak, on her Flickr page, and at her online gallery. Be prepared to have your heart leap and your soul melt.