Bag Lady takes a walk down Memory Lane

I have been hunting for some old photos. Of course I'm finding everything but the ones I'm searching for. Tonight I came across a bundle of photos (pre-digital) of the many bags I made circa 1996-1998. It is so much fun for me to look at these old pictures, and remember each and every one of those bags! Of course, they are all made from old sweaters that I recycle and turn into thick wool felt. And most of them are adorned with antique buttons. Here are some of them ... I'll scan the rest another day. I hope you enjoy my walk down Memory Lane. (I do still make bags, but I'm not nearly as prolific now as I was then.)

Click on the titles, below, to enlarge selected pictures.

1. 1998 Five Bags, 2. 1996 Two Bags, 3. Maroon and Yellow Bags, 4. Purple Bag, 5. Two Blue Star Bags, 6. Yellow Sleeve Bag, 7. 1996 Green Bag, 8. 1996 Raspberry Bag, 9. 1996 Black & White Bag, 10. Green Bag with Penny, 11. 1996 My Tiny Navy Blue Bag, 12. Pouches