"You Are A Miracle"

What a beautiful video.  It makes me teary ... remembering moments gone forever, the astonishing realization that I have so many memories which she has forgotten - lost in the swirl of childhood; mourning the moments I failed to share, and the ones I shouldn't have shared; the everlasting worries over things left undone, or done not well enough. But it also makes me grateful to be a woman, and a mother, especially a mother of a daughter, and most especially mother of  Adeline ... remembering so many moments of joy: middle of the night joy, with a newborn baby whose skin, in the dim light, looks like a wax doll; cuddling joy, playing in the mud joy, creating "food" from clay, being gifted with Mother's Day breakfast in bed - handmade pastry adorned with fresh-picked flower petals (how did such a young child know to create such beauty?); shared lunch at the park, followed by pushes on the swing; a red plaid jumper just made for twirling; incredible, artful, outlandish, beautiful outfits; delirious dresses; paper napkin art, tucked into a lunch bag; gourmet dinners, now cooked by her, a young adult where once there was a child ... oh, my, how lucky are we to have this life? Thank you to Katherine Center for the lovely reminder, and to Oriah for posting it on Facebook.  :-)