Failure That Feels So Good

So, I  failed. I was supposed to have my Flower Power piece, for an upcoming themed event, all ready and photographed by April 21. No way. I couldn't get it right. First I decided my beige background was the problem. So I started all over again with some pretty blue linen I had used to make a dress for Adeline when she was in middle school. Then I decided the woven background was all wrong. So I took it all apart (it was the only blue I had available), ironed out the creases, and started anew with a more organic, wavy background. Finally, I decided I just didn't like how the piece was progressing, no matter what. I  let event sponsor know I wouldn't have my piece ready and he very nicely extended my deadline to April 24th at 6 pm. Not bad!

I started all over again with a totally different idea, using my recycled sweater wool, and I was immediately so much happier. I found all the colors I wanted to use, including a fabulous purple for the background. I did the necessary pressing, cut out all my pieces, arranged and rearranged until I was satisfied with the design, and started stitching.

But, I failed. I realized that I had a mountain of stitching ahead of me. I would have to stitch non-stop for I'm not sure how long. And I still might not finish in time. And if I did finish on time, it would be a thoroughly unpleasant experience for me, and that would undoubtedly imbue the finished piece with bad karma. So, thanks to Doug, I liberated myself. He saw me stressing and imprisoned in the work which was becoming a chore instead of the pleasure it is supposed to be, and he asked, "Is this how you want to live your life?" NO! Thank you, Dougie! 

I did some errands today, because I didn't have to stay home, chained to my work. And then I spent some time in the yard --- what a gorgeous day! And now I can enjoy sewing my piece, just the way I like to --- sometimes in my studio, sometimes in the family room, because I like the company. I can take as long as I need to, in order to get it just right. And I can enjoy the wonderful process.

Ahhhhh ..... isn't failure just perfect? :-)