Cloth Weaving Workshop Progress

Jude Hill's  workshop on making cloth from cloth has been fascinating. I love watching her process and also seeing the work of the others in the class.  This has opened an entirely new area of fiber work for me and I am pretty sure I will be experimenting with it for a long time.

This is a cloth made by weaving many pieces of other cloth together. The pieces include scraps from several old skirts; vintage kimono silks sent to me by Jody Mellenthin, a cyber-fiber-friend who blogs HERE; pieces of ribbons which I purchased from Tinsel Trading a few years ago -  it can take a very long time for something to get used, I have a hard time with letting go; the backing of an antique quilt which had fallen apart (I would never do harm to a salvageable quilt); a piece of upholstery fabric; and various other textiles. 

I plan to add much kantha stitching to this piece. It is possible that I will also add even more layers. Once I start with something like that, I tend to get obsessive about it - wanting to fill every space. Every time I add a piece to fill a space, a newly created space appears.

Below is  the beginning of a star, styled in true Jude fashion.  It is a "double weave" with the top layer entirely from a pair of Flax pants which I loved but I love even better that they became way too big for me (and no, that does not mean they stretched). The under layer is entirely from Jody's kimono silks.

I am still fiddling with it. Not sure what I might do with the center and want to do "right" with stitching.

Stay tuned.