It's been named - Nostalgia - named by Jude, who has naming rights
by virtue of being its godmother, so to speak.

I've so enjoyed the process.  The tearing, cutting and weaving.
The stitching and layering and stitching some more.

I like that it looks like "me" rather than looking like a Jude clone.  I love learning from Jude, but it is important for my muse to mess with it, too.  I think it has become a cousin of my Pieces of Dreams series of little quilts.  It seems I am seduced by the notion of adding many little squares.  And, I'm just now realizing the obvious . . . that I tend toward the symmetrical . . .  what is that all about? What happened to wild, untamed Morna?

I may or may not add a border.  I'll have to live with it for a bit before I decide.

I am massively looking forward to doing more of this cloth weaving.  Many thanks to Jude for being such a generous teacher.  I highly recommend her Cloth to Cloth Workshop, which is being offered for a third time.