Tiny Things

  Little blue kitchen shelf with Go Fish hanging beneath it.

Tiny Paper Shoes, made by Doug - the larger pair is 1.5" long.
They are made of index cards, using an Exacto knife.
Difficult to see in the photo - they are actually woven with teeny tiny strips of card stock.
Doug is 6'4" with hands to match, so how does he do this?

 A Yesterdays Doll by Cathy Cullis

 The most amazing gift, from Cecilia Galluccio, arrived in the mail.
This is an example of her pyrography - i.e. wood burning.
What a lovely surprise. Isn't it beautiful?
 And she made it especially for me!
 Candles from my childhood.

 And a trick-or-treater who refuses to let go of Halloween.
This Goreyesque spun cotton character was made by Maria Pahls.