Feed the Muse

In order to keep my passions alive:
  • I have to spend time playing with my raw materials ... textiles, threads, wires, stones, buttons, paper, dye pots, inks, paints, pencils, pens, stamps and ink pads.
  • I have to spend time with people who set off sparks in my head ... people who enjoy a good discussion ... people who go way beyond the "never say anything controversial" politically correct crowd. 
  • I have to spend time with nature, exploring with my camera, or my rake and shovel ... getting in touch with the mystery all around ... marveling at the trees, the moon, the flower buds, the air. 
In order to do those things which feed my passions and nourish my muse, I really have to spend less time on the computer. I know  this is a familiar refrain, but maybe you've noticed that I actually am spending less time here lately.

I don't want to stop posting altogether, but maybe I'll post less often. I hope you understand. In fact, I hope you go spend more time with your art, too.

P.S. I like the Aynn Rand quote but please do not take it to mean I am or am not a fan - I've not read Atlas Shrugged and I just don't know enough about her, one way or another.