Letting Go

I am thinking about letting go of a lot of my raw materials. First on the mental list: felted sweaters as well as sweaters which I have not yet processed, plus lots of sweater pieces.

I'm doing this because I am feeling overwhelmed by too much stuff. I can't comfortably maneuver in my studio. There is no such thing as a good sized clear surface to work on, and, most importantly, I find it difficult to be creative when there are so many possibilities piled around. I work better when I have to make something from nothing.

So, I'm just going to start unloading until I feel like I'm back at the "right" amount of wool. All the wool I will list for sale will be from my own precious stash, gorgeous wool which I had planned to use for my own projects before I realized how overwhelmed I was becoming.

Sometime in the next day or so, I hope to start uploading listings to my wickedwaifFIBER shop on Etsy.  Maybe you will see something you like.