First Day of My Birthday Month

Yesterday was the first day of my birthday month and what did I do? Nothin' much! Dougie made an adorable little wooden toy and we had a spat because I wanted to photograph it before he took it to his intended recipient. The man can be very impatient and he loves to give people little gifts, so don't stand in his way! However, I think it is time for him to properly photograph a piece before letting it go. I'm pretty sure all of you would agree. So, I insisted and I prevailed and now he has a very nice photo of his little elephant with copper ears! And he is appropriately apologetic.

Little wooden elephant with copper ears made by Doug Crites-Moore

The only other remotely creative thing I did today was to edit a photo of Puddle. Adeline took it with her iPhone and it just needed a bit of touching up. I was bundling some old New Yorker magazines for the recycling bin, a job I resist because I LOVE The New Yorker and it doesn't matter how old an issue is, it's still interesting to read. My family, on the other hand, especially Adeline, lets it be known that I don't really need to keep them for years. They also seem to think piles and piles of magazines do not represent a particularly glamorous approach to home decor. Hmph.

Puddle and The New Yorker :: Photo by Adeline Jessica Crites-Moore
I think it's quite clear that Puddle agrees with me. She appears to be protecting this particular little bundle of magazines from 2010 ... not nearly old enough to be tossed. But I told her I ripped out dozens of articles before I tied up the magazines and she relented. I wonder if Adeline and Doug will like the look of piles and piles of magazine articles, with raggedy ripped edges.