Happy Birthday To Me (OMG I'm 63)

I slept until about 11, then got up to go to lunch with Adeline and Doug. Before we left the house, I noted the pile of presents awaiting. Who doesn't love presents? Doug and I have a tradition: he makes wonderful, whimsical wrappings and today was no exception.  There was a big box, wrapped in newsprint, with my name on top, cut out of card stock.

Um ... Honey, you spelled my name wrong.

Doug said he did notice, belatedly, that he had spelled my name wrong but he decided not to make a correct one because he figured I'd probably like this one better. He was right. I love it!

Ceviche and Camarones al Ajillo.
Lunch was fabulous. I had camarones al ajillo and ceviche. We all had fried plantains and salsa plus way too much Sangria. Actually, I think I'm the only one who had too much. 

After lunch we went to Jerry's Artarama ... a true sacrifice on the part of my two companions because they groan at the mere thought of how long I'll take, browsing the aisles. But how lucky am I to have such a great resource right down the road?

I made a wish before I blew out the candle.
It was a beautiful day, but too darn hot. By the time we got home, we were all kind of worn out and we all decided to take naps. So, now I'm up, Doug is happily asleep and Adeline is out somewhere. I think this means I get to open my presents tomorrow!