It Just Keeps Getting Better

Stickpin with photographic greeting card.

I am thoroughly chuffed with how these stickpins are progressing. I love all their whimsical shapes and colors. They have a playful look, which perfectly reflects how it feels to make them.

I think I've come up with a very nice way to package them. It's a nice presentation and it aids in my Big Goal of trying to declutter my studio/home/life.

The stickpin appears to be resting on a plate white background, attached by a small piece of very easily removed tape. But that plain white piece is actually an envelope. Turn the whole thing over and you find a blank greeting card, too!

Photo card of 1860s Steinway Square Grand Piano (detail) with stickpin.
I'm quite happy with this solution to the problem of how to best display the stickpins. Also, most of the greeting cards are made with photographs by me. The one above is a detail shot of our Steinway square grand piano, which we sold on Ebay. I don't know about you, but I tend to hoard greeting cards. I like them, but I rarely get around to using them anymore. So it feels good to clear out the drawer with all the cards in it. Maybe I'll use some to package earrings, too. Maybe I'll even get inspired to revive the art of note writing, complete with "real" ink.

I think I'll get some washi tape to use in the future. It's so much more fun and I'm pretty sure it peels off easily, so as not to damage the envelope. 

We're finally having some nice weather ... I hope you are too. 

Bye Bye, Birthday Month!