Finally, Avocado Skins

I've been wanting to try dyeing with avocado skins ever since I saw the beautiful results which Carolyn Saxby posted to her Flickr page.

I used two pieces of very soft cotton, from an old sheet, and the result was a nice, delicate pink. Then I did some playing around in an attempt to eco-print the two pink pieces, a la India Flint

Beet slices, hydrangea petals, carrot tops.
Geranium petals, buds, leaves; salt; vinegar; and some pounding.

Bundled up and resting on sticks above a steam bath for about an hour or two.

Now I have to do that patiently waiting thing ... I wonder how long I'll last. I just hope they don't get moldy while I'm conscientiously practicing patience.  If you'd care to delve a bit into thinking about why patience is a virtue, try these links:

"To know how to wait is the great secret of success."  ~ Joseph Marie de Maistre