Giving Away a Salvaged Star

My first blog post was January 26, 2008 so I guess some sort of commemoration is in order. I can't tell you how many posts I've written because every year I go through and delete ones that no longer suit me. Maybe I shouldn't do that. There are 318 left, which doesn't seem like very many for a five year period of time.


To commemorate my five year mark, I will be giving away my little quilt which I call Salvaged Star. It was a vintage quilt block languishing at the bottom of a box of old textiles a friend had given to me. It was the kind of thing I love ... old, soft, a star, and in a favorite color coupling of blue and brown. I picked it up to take a closer look. It needed to be rescued, to be stitched. So that's what I did. I added some layers of cloth, the backing being a vintage piece from an old quilt, then I quilted it all with hand stitching and also hand stitched a nice brown linen border. I hope you find the result pleasing.

It is a wee bit more than 7" square. There is some staining that is due to age but that doesn't detract from its look ... at least not for me. If you like it and you would like to own it, then please leave a comment here. In about a week, I will choose a name at random and that person will receive this little quilt.


2/6/2014 - COMMENTS ARE NOW CLOSED - I'll pick the winner later today.

Thanks for participating. :-)