Stitched? Yes. Complete? I don't know

I'm not sure if this little quilt is complete or not. It might be. But I kind of wonder if I ought to do something with the border. Add stitching to it? Or maybe add tiny buttons? I don't know.

I feel antsy about wanting to show it to you, even if I do alter it some more. 

I think of it as the cousin of Secret Dreams, if you remember that one. It uses many of the same textiles, so it's "related." 

I do love all the stitches. There is some internal, soulful, magical feeling that I associate with viewing a field of stitches. Not fancy work, not precise and perfect embroidery. Those are fine things, but what absolutely grabs me is something less orchestrated and certainly less "perfect" in the sense that most people intend that word.

It is when I see a field of irregular seed stitches, or the slightly askew lines of running stitches on the glorious Quilts of Gee's Bend, or a lovingly stitched piece of boro that I feel a sense of heightened appreciation, a desire which is visceral and cannot be clearly explained.