Getting Rusty

This cloth was rolled with gladiolus and turmeric, then steamed.


I'm not sure what this was wrapped with ... maybe lilacs and lilac leaves. This is how it looked after steaming.


believe necklace

This is how it looks after soaking overnight in rusty water with a bit of vinegar added. It changed from a rather glorious yellow to a slightly more mellow color. Also, the rusty water coaxed some patterns to the surface of the cloth.

This is how it looks after soaking overnight in the rusty water with a bit of vinegar. You can see that the soaking brought out blue from the white background. The coaxing of the blue also turned the yellow to green. I like it! 



"BELIEVE" - A wee nod to my jewelry making, lest it gets lost in all the folds and wrinkles of my textiles.