I've had my new right knee for about ten weeks and it feels great. In fact, when I do my exercises it is often the other knee which causes me pain. Soon I'll be planning the second surgery.

My core set of exercises consists of going up and down the stairs, riding the stationary bike, and walking. Yesterday, Doug and I took a little walk and I took a closer look at the tree that uprooted in the heavy rain we had a week or so ago. It may not show so well in this photo (I should have had Doug stand next to it) but this root mass is huge! I'm usually inclined to let the woods be, but this tree is so enormous that it really is a bit of an eyesore. I don't want to think about what it will cost to have it cut up and removed ... well, save the wood for the fireplace and remove the rest. 

We didn't walk far because my left knee was acting up, which would be okay except that once it starts there is a concurrent pain that hits my back and that's the one that makes walking more or less unbearable. We walked to the end of the drive and then we sat on a little bench which Doug installed about twenty years ago, for use when waiting for the school bus. When it was time to get up and head back to the house, Doug offered his hand, partly to help me up from the bench and partly to keep me steady, to ensure I wouldn't fall while walking. I suddenly had a memory of a darling, white-haired older couple I saw in Ann Arbor, Michigan, about thirty seven years ago. They were walking down the street, autumn leaves all about, and they were holding hands. I thought it was so sweet!


Yesterday, I realized that now we are the older couple. From now on, when I see an elderly pair holding hands, I'll wonder: is it because they are still sweethearts after many years together, or is it because they hold on to keep each other from falling down. Probably it's both!

After all, those roots we build during decades together run deep and support us in many different ways. 

March - It's been real

I'd like to translate the gorgeous pattern on this apple to cloth. Seriously, click on the image to enlarge it. It's fabulous!

If I ate the apple - one a day to keep the doctor away - maybe then I would not have awakened in the early hours a few days ago, wondering what hideous new pain was besetting my body. I am greatly indebted to the awesome volunteers of the West Redding Volunteer Fire Department.  Not only did they quickly arrive at my house and carry me away to the hospital, they also managed to convince me I really did want to put on pants first. In my defense, I was a bit delirious, partly from having put up with the pain for an hour or so and mostly from having found some narcotics leftover from a dental procedure. In the ambulance, Celia kept me calm and and Joe (I think his name was Joe, but Doug says it was John) gave me morphine. And once I had enough morphine in me, they both politely listened while I attempted to tell a somewhat off color joke I had seen on Facebook. Here's the joke:


Maybe part of the reason I find this to be funny is because my "old man" is finally going to retire, after a mere 44 years with IBM. I am so happy that he is going to be free to pursue what interests him. We have been nudging him toward retirement for quite a while now. I began to believe he might just never make the leap. It will be interesting to see what he does since he has many talents.

For a happy and delicious wrap up, let me share what I did as a result of visiting Gwen Buchanan's glorious blog, Desideratum.

Here is the post where Gwen shares her recipe for dinner rolls (among other things), which I used for my small loaves. 

Oh, and the horrific pain (for those of you who haven't already guessed) was a kidney stone. Drink more water!