la, la, labradorite


                                                                                 PHOTO :: AYNNE PRYCE


It's been about forty five years since I last saw Aynne, my dear high school friend. She lives in California and I live in Connecticut, but thanks to Facebook, she has resurfaced in my life. This is how it is now, for so many of us: rediscovering old pals, far away in time and space, but still soulmates. 

Memories are heaped upon memories ... her fabulous smile ... listening to Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds ... our teacher assigning one word descriptions to everyone in the class - she was ethereal and I was enigmatic ... both of us devouring books - Heinlein's Stranger in a Strange Land and Hesse's Damian spring to mind ... buying the same dress, unbeknownst to each other - hers black and mine red -  then each of us wearing the dress to school on the same day, totally unplanned, and certain there was great meaning in the coincidence ... exploring Innisfree Gardens in Millbrook while sharing a yogurt (my first taste of the stuff) ... ice skating on Vassar Lake ... sharing secrets ... sharing friendship.

                                                                                                                PHOTO :: VASSAR COLLEGE ARCHIVES

                                                                                                                PHOTO :: VASSAR COLLEGE ARCHIVES

I'm sure I haven't a single photo of Aynne from that time, let alone a photo of the two of us together. But now I do have a lovely photo of her wrist, adorned with many gorgeous bracelets, one of which - the labradorite one on the far left - was made by me. That feels good ... feels special.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee. Aynne will know what that means.


A current photo of Aynne, stolen from her Facebook page. Beautiful!