I’ve got the button

I have a thing for buttons. You knew that already, right? I've collected so many beautiful buttons over the years, and I've let so many of them go. Sometimes it's a real struggle to give up a special button. I know it will look great on the piece I'm making, but I hate to see it go. Some of them are just so beautiful to look at that I kind of want to keep them forever.

One year, as a gift, my mother had a gorgeous selection of antique, hand cut mother of pearl buttons beautifully arranged and framed for me to hang on a wall. To Die For. I love it. I'll see if I can get a good photo of it (the glass might make that difficult) and I'll post it here. 

I have recently become aware of the author Rohinton Mistry and I am intrigued and excited by the thought of a really good book to read. I'm going to have a go at A Fine Balance. I hope I can find an audio version as reading with my eyes has become quite difficult due to cataracts which I've not been able to take care of because of all the other medical stuff that was going on. Finally, I can get them removed. The first operation will be at the end of August, so still quite a way off. and that's just the first eye. The second one will probably be in early October. I'm quite looking forward to an improvement in my vision, rather a necessary tool for making art.


Nite Nite

Buh Bye