To make a spoon

I thought I'd make a spoon. I dreamed of being able to make a spoon like this hand carved birch root spoon, made by Aaron Clapp (I spotted it at his Etsy shop, NHwoodcraft).


Alex Keilty said he'd help me get started, not with a root, but with a nice piece of green wood. He made the first rough cuts with his axe. 

Look at the beautiful silver inlay on this knife made for Alex by a talented friend.

After my first carving session, I kept my spoon in water so it would stay soft and easy to work.

Charlie was intrigued.

I really didn't get very far with my carving. Too many other things I wanted to do more than I wanted to carve. 

I've removed the spoon from the water and I've allowed it to dry. Maybe I'll work on it with my Dremel someday.

It has a long way to go before it becomes a real spoon!

The big glass container is back to being a candle holder.

Now it's Puddle's turn to be intrigued.


I always carry a spoon in my pocket. You know, just in case it rains.
— Jarod Kintz