The Horrible Truth

1. entering, 2. stuff, 3. drawers of felted wool, 4. sewing machine corner, 5. scarves and bags, 6. work table, 7. extra table, 8. bookshelf, 9. computer corner

As you can see from the photos, my studio is REAL. Like The Velveteen Rabbit, it's been loved. But, truth be told, it goes way beyond that ... it's a hideous mess. Posting these pictures is a sort of challenge to myself to get it together, make it look good, and be able to post some much prettier pictures, in the not too distant future. But don't expect too much from me.

I love the pictures of studios I see in Blogland. I ooh and aah over the photos in Where Women Create. Some people have the most gorgeous work spaces ... like Sara Lechner and her beautiful barn ... or Lisa Kaus, with her whimsical studio decor, and marvelous makeover of her office ... not to mention her lush gardens. In fact, I could provide a long list of wonderful women who have spectacular studios ... decorated to the hilt, color coordinated, charming. And I think all the studio photos are lovely. They make me swoon with desire to be as wonderful, creative, arty, and well-organized as those other artists must be, but alas, it seems not to be in the stars for me.

Even after I do a major studio reorganization, it still must look crowded and messy to an observer. I simply have too much stuff. And I can never let anything go, as I'm sure is true for many of you ... it might be just what I need for a collage, or a piece of jewelry, or something. And if I'm in heavy duty work mode, especially with a deadline looming, things get really bad. If anyone dares to enter, they incur my wrath ... because I just know they will step on something, or knock something over, or otherwise disturb my mess!

Sometimes I worry that The Sublime Studio is going to become a yardstick by which I can make myself feel rotten ... like setting yet another female standard to follow and feel inadequate about: Am I rich enough? Skinny enough? Pretty enough? Wearing the right clothes? Have the right home decor? Do I cook gourmet food? Decorate like Martha Stewart? Heaven help me if I am still trapped in those hideous worry wombs. I like to think I've evolved. And heaven help me if I replace keeping up with the Joneses with keeping up with the Jones's studio!

I love those beautiful studios ... I really do ... and I want to keep on seeing them, and being inspired by them. But I want to be careful not to judge my studio, or compare mine to theirs. I still want arty to mean interesting, messy, creative, or WHATEVER. And I know it will be a long while before I truly have a handle on how to be creative without leaving behind a trail of disaster. But I will try to get more organized. And, I confess, I will probably also try to have a magazine-worthy studio. I'll let you know if that ever works out!