Bag Lady Takes Another Walk Down Memory Lane

1. 1997 Black & White, 2. 1998 green & navy with penny, 3. 1998 russet & grey, 4. 1998 salmon cuff bag with penny, 5. 1998 green & pink with penny, 6. 1997 Black & White

I am still sorting through old photos, and there are plenty more to post. I love looking at all the bags I used to make. Too bad the photos aren't better quality. But it is such a pleasure to remember making all these bags. I used to be able to remember who had bought each bag, but those memories are long gone. I still remember some of the buyers, but not all. Funny, I also remember a lot of the sweaters. That black and white one was fabulous. :)

I blogged about other bags from this collection of photos HERE.