Shared Harvest - The Beginning

This is the first week of picking up my veggies from the Shared Harvest CSA at New Pond Farm.  I am very happy that there are ton of arugula leaves ... one of my favorite salad items (along with avocado, but I'll get that from the store). 

What I took home today: broccoli, Pac Choi (Chinese cabbage), buttercrunch lettuce, White Russian kale, curly kale, lacinato kale, multi-colored "bright lights" chard, radishes, spinach, dill, and kohlrabi. The radishes are huge ... in fact, I thought they were very small beets! I also didn't recognize the spinach at first ... I knew it looked familiar, but it took me a while to recognize that it was spinach. Funny. 

This is my other new thing for this week. Not at all sure where it's going. But it's nice to have something to sew. I like the different blues and the thread which I dipped into the indigo vat, all crumpled up so it came out variegated.

The indigo vat, last year ... learning from Glennis Dolce - Shibori Girl. I did so little, maybe this summer I will pay more atention.