Slow Progress

Progress on this is slow ... and not in a good way ... not in a slow cloth way.  I have spent too much time ripping out stitches. Still, I am enjoying the process.


I don't know about these stitches on top of stitches.  What do you think? Is it interesting or just confusing? Is it too busy? Does it look messy?

This dill was in my New Pond Farm harvest share, which I picked up last Thursday ... so it is in its seventh day since harvest. I am delighted, to say the least. All I've done is keep it in this tiny pitcher with water. No refrigeration. It still looks as good as new. Imagine doing that with supermarket dill ... even a high end grocer.  Seriously ... I usually come home with one of those big bundles and it smells delicious but it doesn't even stay fresh for one day.