Embroidery Thread

I thought you might be interested in my method for storing embroidery thread. I don't much care for those little white thingies that are supposed to have the thread wound onto them - the thread gets all kinked up, plus it's a pain in the neck to do all the winding. 

My solution, and it works quite well, is to give each skein it's own little ziplock bag and then group the bags by color, with each color group sharing the same metal ring.

When I need a particular color, I just grab that ring of baggies and choose, Then I open the ring and slip off the baggie I want to use. 

I keep the entire collection of threads in a box that's big enough to also hold my sewing roll-up and whatever piece of cloth I'm working on at the moment.


This is what my sewing roll-up looks like when it is all closed up.  

Inside is a pocket where I stash a pair of collapsible embroidery scissors as well as a bobbin wound with thread. There is also a pin cushion which is stuck with pins and needles.

Below is what my sewing roll-up looks like when it is opened up and in use.  

I love how it looks when I'm using it. Sometimes I think I'll just hang it on the wall and have fun looking at it.